Audio and Video Streaming Services

It’s easy It’s immediate

StreamingFilz offers a feature-rich and fully enabled live and video on demand (VOD) premium video hosting service. We provide an easy to use, self-service environment where you can quickly sign up and begin streaming in a matter of minutes.

NO Long Term Commitment • NO long setup process

NO geographic restrictions • NO Advertisements

Credit card or Paypal required.

Fully Integrated

The StreamingFilz video platform is a fully integrated application, with lots of dynamic features. Our platform includes the tools necessary to manage, deploy, and monitor your streaming content. In addition, it allow users their own video channel, with features including monetizing content, by creating their own advertisements.

HD Quality Streaming

When you sign up with StreamingFilz, you can create libraries of your previously recorded audio and video content. Through video on demand (VOD), streaming your content can be uploaded for instant access by viewers. Your content is dynamic and interactive, allowing viewers access to a DVR functionality.

Compatible Services & Devices

The StreamingFilz Video platform allows the viewing of content using a variety of devices. Devices supported include, but are not limited to: all Android-based mobile devices, iOS devices such as iPads, computers (both Apple and PC), Roku devices, and IPTV boxes using XBMC. In addition, content can be viewed over Wi-Fi on video game consoles as well, such as the Nintendo Wii with the Opera browser.

Supported Web Browsers

Firefox • Google Chrome • Safari • Opera • Skyfire • Sea Monkey

Credit card or Paypal required.